The Black Decemvirate

During the height of the last war, the Lord Marshal of the Brelish Army Office of Special Services placed a secret order with Forgemaster Merrix d’Cannith for a new type of warforged. Unlike their brethren that were built for the front lines, these were custom crafted assassins. Built at tremendous cost, there were only ten units ordered, but together they bore the cost of nearly a full regiment of standard warforged. Constructed with ultralight frames, they were gifted with uncanny agility and exceptional intelligence. They were trained first by House d’Cannith, and then by the best assassins in the service of His Majesty’s Dark Lanterns. When not deployed, they were kept together in a lair they called “The Sanctum,”, constantly training and honing their skills. When deployed, they were used to take out high-priority enemy targets, murdering military leaders deep behind their own lines, effectively cutting the head from the snake before it could strike. They were extremely effective in this role, and quickly earned a special title among the elite military leadership: The Black Decemvirate.

Today, the whereabouts of only a few of the Decemvirate are known. Three were operating in Cyre at the time of the Mourning, and are assumed to have been destroyed. Two were operating abroad at the time of the ceasefire, and have not been heard from again. As Breland championed freedom for the warforged through the Treaty of Thronehold, that freedom was eventually extended to the remaining members of the Black Decemvirate, although many in the highest ranks of the military felt that they should have been considered an exception to the law due to their specialized purpose and tremendous cost.

As with many warforged, the remaining members of the unit struggled with this freedom. One destroyed himself, throwing himself off one of Sharn’s highest towers within days of being freed. One was arrested when he was found standing over the murdered body of the very Lord Marshal that ordered his construction. He did not resist capture, and today is locked in a pitch black cell below the Citadel in Wroat, where he slowly spirals into madness. One disappeared into the Mournland, committed to join the cause of the Lord of Blades. One sailed for Xendrik, seeking what she believes to be the progenitor secrets to the warforged that are rumored to be buried in the cyclopean ruins there. Finally, one came back, pledging to continue service to Breland, although it is unclear if this is out of loyalty to the crown or out of some joy taken from practicing his profession.

It is also worth noting that the Black Decemvirate was a secret project of Lord Merrix d’Cannith – a secret that he kept from the rest of his house. Unknown to both house and the Brelish crown, they were constructed in his secret creation forge deep in the undercity of Sharn. The Crown would be very disturbed indeed to learn that the proverbial mold may not have been broken with the destruction of Cyre…

Members of the Black Decemvirate

Name (Draconic [Greek/Latin] Root), Personality , Current Status

  • Susurri (Whisper) Female, Rumored in Xendrik
  • Umbra (Shadow) Female, Operating abroad, status unknown
  • Phobos (Fear) Male, Assumed destroyed in the Mourning
  • Deimos (Dread) Male, Operating abroad, status unknown
  • Moros (Death) Male, Returned to Service (PC)
  • Nox (Night) Male, Rumored in the Mournland
  • Sicarious (Murder) Male, Imprisoned at the Citadel
  • Talios (Retribution) Male, Committed Suicide
  • Phasma (Ghost) Female, Assumed destroyed in the Mourning
  • Tenebrae (Darkness) Female, Assumed destroyed in the Mourning

The Black Decemvirate

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